We all know it isn’t advisable to put a drink down near your MacBook but to be honest, we have all done it. The problem is that spilling any liquid on your precious device will cause damage that could be expensive to repair.
Apple products all come with a one-year warranty, but it won’t cover you for water damage. If you have forked out for the AppleCare Protection Plan, you will also be disappointed to learn that it does not cover water damage.
Apple offers a chargeable service for repairs to water damage and this can be very costly as they will offer a logic board replacement instead of repair if thats the affected part. The logic board is like the brain and can actually be repaired by companies such as ourselves at Absolute Circuits. With Apple’s high repair cost in mind, often two-thirds of the retail price of the device, you may feel it is better to replace your device.
The good news is that at Absolute Circuits, we offer a diagnostic and investigation service that can determine whether the water damage on your MacBook is worth repairing and where we can carry out economical repairs, we will. If not we get in contact and identify the best course of action.
This post will explore the problems caused by water damage to a MacBook and consider your options for repair.
Example of liquid damage on a MacBook Air 2015 at a microscopic level:

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What are the common problems caused by water damage to your MacBook?

Water damage will likely be a serious problem for a MacBook user, and it doesn’t take long for problems to become noticeable.
Here are some of the common issues created by water damage.
– Flickering Display

– Internal Clicking

– Shorting of electrical components

– Power Failure

– Unable to Turn On

– Corrosion
Any liquid will corrode the electrical pathways and components on the logic board. You may also experience issues with your keyboard and trackpad.
Liquid can also cause burnout in the LCD backlight, affecting the display. The internal battery may also be permanently damaged, so the MacBook will not turn on.

What should I do if I spill liquid on my MacBook?

Whether you spill water, hot tea, coffee or a fizzy drink on your MacBook, you have an immediate problem. The first thing to do is unplug your machine and turn it off.
Liquids and electrics are a terrible mix, so your initial reaction must be to ensure you don’t get an electric shock. Turning off the device also ensures that no extra damage is caused to the machine’s internal components.
Even though the external casing is very robust, it will not stop liquid from getting deep inside, affecting the internal components.
Now, it might be very tempting to leave your MacBook to dry out and try turning it on. Understandably, you are hoping that no permanent damage was caused.
Forget online advice about storing your device in rice to dry out – this is unfortunately a myth and does not do anything.
Turning your MacBook back on is not advisable. You may cause additional damage, and the repair cost may increase or be more challenging to solve.
The best course of action is to get in touch with a professional. An expert can investigate the damage and diagnose all the issues before going ahead with appropriate repairs.
Indeed, the faster you get professional help, the more likely your device will only need professional ultrasonic cleaning to remove all traces of liquid and prevent damage.

How can a MacBook be repaired once it is water damaged?

A professional repair company that specialises in Apple Products is your best chance of saving your MacBook. The faster you seek help, the less damage will be incurred.
I am a certified Apple Mac Technician who can guarantee that all repairs will be of the highest quality.
The first thing I will do is thoroughly check out your device and ascertain the extent of the damage.
The next step will be to repair or replace components that are damaged. Some damage can be solved with ultrasonic cleaning that removes the liquid and stops it from getting worse.
If you have turned off your device immediately after the spillage and contacted us directly, you may only require our cleaning service to prevent damage and corrosion.
If damage has occurred, electrical components like capacitors, resistors and chips may need to be replaced, and your board can be thoroughly cleaned with wires and pads rebuilt.
Other parts may need repairing or replacing, such as the keyboard, trackpad, connectors in the display, the battery, power cable or individual ports.
Don’t worry about being embarrassed. We are not here to judge and understand that accidents happen. Knowing what you have spilt and how long ago the accident occurred will help us evaluate the extent of the damage.

What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is the only way to ensure that your MacBook can be cleaned without further damage after exposure to liquids.
Ultrasonic cleaners are used to remove contamination using the power of cavitation action. A generator produces high-frequency electrical energy that converts into sound waves.
The sound waves pass through a tank of cleaning fluid to create bubbles that operate at an ultrasonic frequency of between 37 and 42 kHz.
The bubbles are so tiny that they can penetrate the smallest crevices and dislodge residue, dust and particles without damaging delicate components.
As the bubbles pop, specialist cleaning solution enters through the residual spaces, removing dirt, rust or tarnish from the small crevices of the device without damaging the parts.
Example of our professional ultrasonic cleaner that we use:

Complete cleaning will involve disassembling your MacBook so the cleaner can reach every part of the logic board. The process will also include drying the components.
If there is significant oxidation and corrosion, the affected parts will need to be repaired, resoldered or replaced.
As well as MacBooks, other Apple devices can benefit from ultrasonic cleaning after being exposed to liquids. If you spill a drink or drop your phone down the toilet, contact a professional to assess the damage.
It is worth noting that ultrasonic cleaning is a very specific process to ensure the boards are not damaged, this should always be done by a professional.
If you have had an accident and caused water or liquid damage to your Apple MacBook, get in touch with us at Absolute Circuits to assess, clean and repair your device. We make repairs affordable, professional and accessible for everyone and aim to provide a better service than Apple.

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